I’m Andy Luttrell, and I’m passionate about Social Psychology. I recently finished my PhD, and now I’m continuing to conduct research in the area of attitudes and persuasion while teaching the world about psychology.

This website is all about spreading the news of social psychology. Research in social psychology has a lot to say about people in their everyday lives. Its findings have implications for social change, self-improvement, marketing, public policy, and more.

Through blogging and creating comprehensive online courses, my aim is to bring the research in this field from the dry academic journals to the people who could make use of the information.

My goal is to present research in psychology in a fun, engaging way so that people can understand its fascinating implications and employ its useful applications.

Importantly, this website is about theĀ science of psychology. This isn’t my chance to pass off my own observations and speculations as “laws” of human nature. Unless otherwise noted, everything on this website is supported by empirical research and supported by statistical analysis. In the interest of keeping things simple, sometimes I downplay the more boring (yet crucial) elements of research methodology, but this is my catch-all statement that I aim to present findings backed by scientific evidence.

Thanks for stopping by, and get a hold of me if you have questions or ideas about social psychological concepts that people need to know about!

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