Top 10 Social Psychology Posts of 2015

What a year it’s been! I started this blog in June of this year when I was writing several articles a week, and I’ve since fallen into a comfortable once-a-week rhythm. I had started teaching online psychology courses, and I always wanted a platform to write about research in social psychology, so I figured I’d give blogging a try!

All too often, psychology is misreported or its findings are over-interpreted, and my goals for the blog have always been to (1) share the interesting insights that can be gained from research in social psychology and (2) do it in a way that’s true to the research findings[1]  And also (3) include funny or helpful asides in footnotes. So far, I’m happy with where this blog has gone and the response that it’s gotten. Hopefully 2016 brings even more growth to this website, so spread the word!

To wrap up the year, I thought I’d compile the Top 10 posts of the blog. Since June, I’ve posted 46 articles on this website, and below are the ones that have received the most hits[2]  Technical note—these data are the number of page visits each site has received, as recorded by the Jetpack plugin for WordPress., starting with the post that got the most hits.

10 Most-Viewed Social Psychology Articles

  1. Culture and Gender Stereotyping in Advertisementsby reliably portraying men and women in particular roles, advertising places an important role in developing and maintaining cultural stereotypes.
  2. Search Engine Manipulation: How Tampering with Search Engines Could Swing an Electionrecent research shows how subtle changes to search results could impact election outcomes.
  3. Which Friendships Last the Longest?: Psychology of Attraction and Adolescent Relationshipsdata from hundreds of seventh graders reveals the most important predictors of relationship longevity.
  4. The Psychology of Rumors: 6 Reasons Why Rumors Spreadrumors are a pervasive social phenomenon, and research in psychology has figured out some of their key properties.
  5. Reciprocal Liking: People Like You More When You Like Thema surprisingly simple predictor of attraction is simply whether the one person already likes the other.
  6. The Spotlight Effect: Why It Feels Like People Are Looking at Us (and Why They’re Actually Not)the times when we feel self-conscious can often come down to a false illusion.
  7. Self-Control Psychology: A Helpful Trickthe concept of “abstraction” can have a big impact on how well people can control their in-the-moment urges.
  8. Writing Tip: Use “More Than” More Than “Less Than”a tiny change to the way you express a comparison can influence how easy it is for people to understand what you mean.
  9. When A Brain Knows What Will Be Popular: Social Neuroscience and Predicting the Worldthree different studies show how your brain’s reaction to various media can be used to predict how successful those media will be in the general public.
  10. The Social Psychology of Smell: 3 Scents That Influence Usaromas can prime mental associations and lead to some surprising outcomes.

There you have it! Check out those articles if you’re new to the blog or haven’t already read them. I would be remiss, though, if I suggested that these were the only good articles I’ve posted. They are the 10 most popular, but do check out other articles.

A few of my personal favorites:

Thanks again for your support throughout the year. Here’s to a fun 2016!

Footnotes   [ + ]

1.   And also (3) include funny or helpful asides in footnotes
2.   Technical note—these data are the number of page visits each site has received, as recorded by the Jetpack plugin for WordPress.

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